Although the guarantee is very unusual, there are no gimmicks and no hidden hassles. The guarantee is that if it is not the BEST DOGGONE LOTION you’ve ever used, you get your money back plus $5. Even if you really like Miracle Lotion®, if it’s not the BEST lotion that you’ve ever used, you get your money back. If you like Miracle Lotion® better than 9 out of 10 lotions, you get your money back. Even if the one you like better costs twice as much (although we don’t know of a better lotion at any price), you still get your money back plus $5.

As far as the hang tag with the Before and After pictures. This explains it.

   The procedure is simple. Mail the bottle back using regular U. S. Post Office Parcel Select mail. Mail to: Century Systems Inc., 120 SELIG DR SW, Atlanta, GA 30336-2026

    Include your receipt, your printed mailing address and the bottle. We will look at the postage paid and add the return postage, the purchase price plus tax, plus $5, and mail you a check that should arrive to you no later than 15 business days (but usually sooner) after you mail the bottle back to us. We appreciate any comments that will help us improve but they are not required.

     There are only two limitations. The return postage refund offer does not apply outside of the U.S., and there is a limit of one refund per person or household through the end of time and throughout the universe.

     The answer to this question is a theme that runs throughout many of the answers to The 10 Most Asked Questions About Miracle Lotion®, and this MUST be explained and understood because the answer literally permeates Miracle Lotion®. Without this understanding, many of the answers simply won’t make sense.

     Century Systems was founded over 30 years ago in 1988 and is headed by very spiritual people who believe in a Divine source. Whether you call the Divine source God, Cosmic Consciousness, The Higher Mind, The Source of All or whatever term you choose, we call the source God.

     Miracle Lotion® was first sold in 1993. Except for a preservative change that replaced parabens, the formula remained unchanged for 25 years. Thousands of bottles of Miracle Lotion® were sold each month in health food stores.

     Pastor Bronner, the founder and president of Century Systems, the company that produces Miracle Lotion®, is also the pastor of a Christian church. Since 1994 he has served as pastor without any pay or financial compensation. He is a chemist by education and has over 40 years of practical experience as a chemist. He also usually spends an hour each day in prayer and meditation. It was the chemist training and experience that produced the first Miracle Lotion® in 1993. It was the connection with God that produced the revised formula for Miracle Lotion® that began selling in 2019.

     In 2006, Pastor Bronner’s church began a healing service called God Heals®. You can read the details of the God Heals® service at Essentially people attend God Heals® and the pastors pray over their issues, and often place their hands on the attendees’ heads and prophesy or speak words of encouragement or instruction according to how God leads. It is also helpful for those who attend God Heals® to have something to take with them to build faith and continue the process. Two products were created for the attendees. 

     The first was the Words for Healing CD at and the second was God Heals® Oil. A Words for Healing CD was mailed free to every registered hospital in the U.S. which was over 5,000 hospitals.

     All attendees are given a bottle of God Heals® Oil at no charge. God Heals® Oil goes through a very spiritual process during its production. After the pastors blend the oils, the next process is placing the stainless steel containers of blended oils into a natural source of pure running water, such as a stream, river or flowing well water. Then it is prayed over by four different sets of people in four different places for a minimum of 28 hours of prayer over 28 days. The oil then spends a minimum of 84 days in a special room where Words for Healing plays continuously. God Heals® Oil can only be handled or the bottles filled by specially chosen people. These are some of the steps for the preparation of God Heals Oil®. For full details of its preparation, go to

     In 2018, Pastor Bronner heard the voice of God speak again. Instructions were given on changes to the existing formula, bottle, label and box design, and even to put the name God Heals® on the front label. No other graphic artists were used in the label and box design. It was designed from the vision God had shown to Pastor Bronner.

     According to Divine instruction, several ingredients were added including God Heals® Oil. Only Pastor Bronner can add the God Heals® Oil to each batch of Miracle Lotion®. It is kept consecrated until he pours the oil into the batching tank as the last ingredient and then prays over the entire tank.

     When test subjects tried the new formulation, they raved about how much better it was and that it was the best lotion they had ever used. God spoke the slogan (yes, we know “Doggone” is an odd word to use but…) and thus the slogan was implemented.

     Yes, you can buy several bottles of excellent lotion for the price of one bottle of Miracle Lotion®. But many specialty lotions, especially for skin problems, cost much more but Miracle Lotion® often works much better. The cost of Miracle Lotion® is set by two factors. First, there’s the cost of the ingredients. The original Miracle Lotion® was first sold in 1993 in health food stores and cost $7.00 for an 8 oz. bottle. 

     A few years later, the cost was increased to $9.00 per bottle. We sold thousands of bottles of Miracle Lotion® each month from 1993-2018. In 2019, when the new formula was introduced, the cost to make Miracle Lotion® skyrocketed. The additional ingredients greatly increased the cost to make Miracle Lotion®, but the cost was kept the same per ounce as the original formula, $9.00 for the original 8 oz. bottle vs $18.00 for the new 16 oz. There was a slight increase in the wholesale price, but the net cost to the consumer remained the same per ounce.

     The Word from God was that the lotion shall sell for $18.00 per 16 oz. bottle. Based on the ingredient costs, the price should be more than $18.00 per bottle. There are many non-prescription lotions that are over $18.00 for only 8 oz., but the Divine Word set it and limited it to $18.00.

     Lotions are generally pure white in color, but you can usually see a very faint golden tint in Miracle Lotion®. This is due to the color of the ingredients. The ingredients for most lotions are either clear or white. The waxes and waxy alcohols that are normally used in lotions are white. Miracle Lotion® uses none of the typical waxes and alcohols used in lotion such as cetyl alcohol and/or stearyl alcohol and stearic acid. There is nothing wrong with those ingredients which most lotions use, but we just don’t use them. Many of the natural ingredients used in Miracle Lotion® have color to them just as the fruits, nuts, herbs and plant oils that you eat have color in them. These can often cause Miracle Lotion® to develop a slightly golden tint. We also do not bleach any of the ingredients that we use.

     The directions say to “Shake Well.” Miracle Lotion® contains a high percentage of natural oils and under certain conditions, some of the oil rises and the lotion is not as thick. It does not use typical detergent emulsifiers, it is more of a suspension and may get thinner as the bottle empties. It is very similar to what happens with natural peanut butter. Shake for 5 seconds or just use the oil on your skin. Everything still works great.

     This is another of the Divine commands. “Do not sell Miracle Lotion® from your website,” was the command. Thus, we do not sell Miracle Lotion® from our website. We believe one reason for this is to help protect the stores that sell Miracle Lotion®. It is becoming increasingly difficult for physical retail stores to remain profitable. Many customers first tried or will try Miracle Lotion® by sampling it in a store. When we don’t sell it directly from our website, people must buy it from a store or the store where they likely first sampled it.

     The command that Miracle Lotion® is to be sold for $18.00 per bottle, not $17.99 or $17.95 but $18.00, is why you can’t find it cheaper on the web. We strictly monitor and enforce MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) pricing. We also understand how this helps to protect the store. Customers will often initially see a product in a store then search for it cheaper online (yes, most of us do), but this hurts the stores that paid for the space, shelves and personnel to introduce the product to you in the first place. No store will be able to advertise a cheaper price, not even by a penny.

     Each bottle of Miracle Lotion® has a unique serial number so each bottle can be uniquely identified. This allows us to track and know which store or vendor purchased each bottle. If we find a vendor violating the $18.00 price, we can take the appropriate action. This is operating at a higher spiritual level and to be truly blessed, everything needs to be right and fair. If you were a store, isn’t this how you would want to be treated?

     The final Divine instruction when Miracle Lotion® was reformulated was to run a microbial challenge without preservatives. For a nutrient rich product containing water this was unheard of. NO PRESERVATIVES???!!!

     A microbial challenge is a standard scientific procedure where a product is tested to see how well it is preserved and if it will stand up to microbial contamination. The process is simple, and this test is performed with many foods and cosmetics. A variety of contaminants are added to the product at a very high level and then the microbial level is tested at 14- and 28-day intervals. If the level of contaminants significantly goes down, the preservative is working. If the level goes up or remains near the same level, the preservative is not working.

     When the revised formulation of Miracle Lotion® without preservatives was challenged on day one, the lab added several million CFUs (colony forming units) of various species of mold, yeast and bacteria. At the 14-day measurement, ALL of the microorganisms were listed as “<10” or less than 10. Over 99.99% of the yeast, mold and bacteria had been killed. Two different types of preservatives and the no preservative formula were tested. The no preservative formula actually had a stronger anti-microbial action than the formula with added preservatives. You can view the results of the challenge here:

Day 00 = The sample when the 3rd party testing lab received it.
Day 01 = After being inoculated with microorganisms.
Day 14 = After 14 days of being inoculated.
Day 28 = After 28 days of being inoculated.

     We state ‘No Added Preservatives’ instead of ‘No Preservatives’ because in truth, something is preserving the lotion with anti-microbial action. Anti-microbial action is one of the many properties of Frankincense and some of the other added ingredients, and it is in Miracle Lotion® in large enough quantities to have this effect. Maybe it is a particular ingredient and maybe it is the combination. All we know is that it works and it naturally kills germs and microbes placed in the lotion.

     “Contains plant and nut oils and herbs. If you experience any irritation, allergic or adverse reactions, stop using immediately and request a refund from”

     With over 35 natural ingredients, this is a precaution for the rare person who may be allergic to an ingredient. The original formula did not have this warning, and in 25 years we did not have a single reported allergic reaction. Since we added more natural ingredients, we wanted to make absolutely sure to caution that rare person.

     It is not required to keep extra bottles in the refrigerator; we just recommend that you do so for freshness. When we sold the original formula of Miracle Lotion® on our website, we literally had customers who would order a full case (one dozen bottles) at full retail price. As with most products and especially products containing a lot of natural ingredients, it is best to keep them in a cool place. We do not recommend the freezer, but we do recommend that you keep any extra bottles in the refrigerator for freshness.

     Miracle Lotion® was an awesome lotion before the new formula with the changes spoken by God, but the Divinely instructed formula works so much better. People who try it, whether they are spiritual or not, or whether they believe in a Divine power or not, simply love it. 

     Many have seen the phenomenal results on their or their loved one’s skin from using Miracle Lotion®. There is much mystery and debate about spiritual things. Afterall, there are many denominations of just Christianity indicating people often don’t agree on spiritual things even within the same book and religion.

     As far as Miracle Lotion® is concerned: regardless of your spiritual beliefs, there is one very important fact that ONLY YOU can prove.

The best doggone lotion you’ve ever used
or your money back
plus $5.00.